Caption Contest Rules

Ok, thanks for everyone’s input on the caption contests. I’ve given it some thought, and here’s the deal.

Caption contests will now last seven days. After a caption has been posted for seven days, I’ll turn off the ability to add new captions and I’ll declare a winner and a loser based on the votes. (Since I can’t disable the voting feature on certain caption contests without disabling it across the entire site, you’ll still technically be able to vote for completed caption contests, even though a winner has already been declared and your votes will mean nothing. Nothing!)

As an example, I just closed an older caption contest and declared a winner and a loser. Check it out to see what I mean.

Winners will receive a link to their website (if they provided it when submitting their caption) and losers will receive nothing (although I don’t want to rule out the possibility of putting a piece of shit on them.)

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    PS – To encourage good grammar in winning and losing comments, I’ll be putting [sic] after comments with shitty grammar.

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    Mike, as you can see my comments are falled everytime))))) But I dont care. I just know that I m shitting your nation because of great hateness about it.
    So I wont cry about your miserable countrymates))
    Maybe my comments are with bad grammar…
    I’m just proffesional soldier, high classed antisniper. So only one thing can be sayed here to everybody who read this:
    So long LOOSERS!!!!!!!!

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    Mike, I was a US Army photographer/Instructor MOS 25S10
    And I highly doubt that Alexandr was in any military of any kind. The type of Military job he say’s that he does requires a much higher intellect and much better communication skills so you don’t end up killing any of your own guy’s let alone the enemy.
    This guy is a total Shmuck!
    Oh yea… Keep writing about that canon SLR gear. I’m a hardcore old school NIKON guy so let’s see if you might change my mind.

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    Good point Scott – it’ll be interesting to see if Alexandr can provide any proof of his military experience. Alexandr baby – the burden of proof is on you.

    Will keep up the Canon posts, no doubt!

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    I have mixed feelings about our Alxndr. I think you have to read all of his (typically 10 to 16) consecutive posts as a (w)hole to really appreciate the deeper levels of humour that go into them. The first few captions can typically be read with vague bemusement. The main act (circa captions 3 through 9) can oscillate between the puerile and churlish. However, the real comedic cream usually rises to the top with captions 10 onwards. He’s either incredibly clevr or just a total wankr.

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    Can you hear them Alexandr?
    You’re not understood.
    But we all know why that is.
    Keep up the good eggs, sniper.

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    What will be if I will buy the Great wall&

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    wtf?!they say that it will be fun…

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    we must fast
    we havent more time

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    bzzzzzz! wap! oh yea! zap me, baby!

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    And,when does she gonna clap at once?

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    I hope i win :)

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    now to my new oil politics …

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    now to my new oil politics

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